10 International Cities You Must Visit as a Family




Montreal, Canada

Dying to see France but dreading the transcontinental flight with your littles? Montreal is the next best thing to cure your French cravings. Introduce your kids to the history of Montreal at Point-a-Calliere Museum or take a stroll through the cobblestone Old Quarter and end with a lunch at Le Jardin Nelson. From the Bike Lachine Canal to the Montreal Biodome, there is something for any age to enjoy in this beautiful Canadian city.

Sydney, Australia

No translators needed in the land Down Under. Start with the must-see like the iconic Opera House or Sydney Harbor (for the Finding Nemo fans) and then plan on heading over to visit the little penguins in Manly Beach. With the impressive array of wildlife and views of the city, Taronga Zoo should be next on your itinerary as well as scaling the Harbor Bridge for an unforgettable family outing.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark’s capitol needs to be on you bucket list of family travels. Not only is this the country where the Lego was created, but it’s home to Hans Christian Anderson, who penned The Little Mermaid. Unbeknownst to most, Copenhagen is extremely family friendly that even the taxis’ there all have extra booster seats built into the back seats.  At noon, every day, your kids could witness the changing of the guards outside the Queen’s residence, Amalienborg Palace or head over to Rosenborg Castle for a real-life treasure hunt in the King’s Garden!



Cape Town, South Africa

Stay in Cape Town for a few days and take a ride 3500 feet up in a cable car to enjoy the views surrounding Table Mountain and explore one of the many hiking trails that also line the mountain. After visiting the beach and learning the town’s history with Uthando Tour’s, it’s time to get on a plane and head over to Kruger National Park, rent a straw bungalow and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime… an African Safari!

Dublin, Irelandpexels-photo-136721

The Fair City packs plenty of family-friendly activities combined with the city’s past, present, and future that makes for an exciting vacation. Some of the city’s highlights include Dublinia which turns your family into history hunters, Dublin Zoo which is one of the oldest zoos in the world, and touring of the Malahide Castle where you might spot a few ghosts! After visiting the castle, take a small train ride into Malahide village and enjoy the small coastal town full of cobble streets and traditional shopfronts.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Every neighborhood in this charming Dutch capital has a playground, and they all offer different themes and activities like petting zoos for example. Get a beautiful tour of the city’s legendary canals through a pizza cruise which is 90 minutes of pizza heaven while still sight-seeing as a family (there’s also some Ben & Jerry’s involved too). Vondelpark is one of Amsterdam’s famous parks where kids can cook little dishes at the Kinderkookcafe or rent a Bakfiets to get around like the locals do.



Rome, Italy

The supply of delicious Italian food will have even the pickiest eater asking for more! From pizza to gelato on every corner, you kids will be eating their way through Rome’s history. Said Vintage Chocolate Factory which was damaged during World War II and is now a museum with functioning antique chocolate machinery and has a wonderful gift shop. The Colosseum, La Fontana di Trevi (see safety tips), La Bocca della Verita, The Vatican, and the Sistine Chapel are all items on your bucket list that will serve as memories and your kids will forever be grateful for.


Munich, Germany

Munich is home to renowned museums, kid-friendly beer gardens, and a day trip away to see Neuschwanstein Castle (yes, the Sleeping Beauty inspired castle). Don’t forget to book a carriage ride that takes you up to the castle that your kids will surely be enchanted by. Englischer Garten that is larger than both Hyde and Central Park, full of open fields, beer gardens galore, and complete with an artificial wave in the Eishbach River.

Stockholm, Spexels-photo-50632weden

Much of Stockholm is built around 14 different islands so a boat trip is a must when you visit Sweden. If you are interested in a smaller, international version of Disneyland then you should put Junibacken on your itinerary. Your kids will meet popular characters such as Pippi Longstocking and take a ride on a guided train tour throughout the park. Stockholm is small enough to easily get around with just your feet and a map, so your family is sure to have an amazing experience walking around the streets full of restaurants, shops, and other local attractions.

London, England

No list is complete without London. I may be biased because I grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon but my heart still manages to skip a beat whenever the country of England is mentioned around me. From the perfectly preserved Tower of London to Buckingham Palace, London manages to provide something interesting for everyone in the family. If your kids can practice their patience in a long line, the London Eye is magical around sunset, or if your kids are older a day trip to Stonehenge or a studio tour for Harry Potter is a must.

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