Fall Favorites: Tea Done Right


If you are new to my series of Fall Favorites, be sure to see part one here.

If you couldn’t guess it already, my favorite time of the year is fall!

It could be the chunky scarves and cute boots, or the gorgeous autumn colors and Crock-Pot recipes… or maybe it’s the start of what I like to call chocolate season! With Halloween around the corner, it’s definitely the time to indulge in sweet treats with no guilt.

Davidson’s Organics is not only my go-to fordavidsons-tea-chocolate-1 tea (they were the first certified organic tea company in the US, how cool is that?), but now with their new line of tea chocolates, they are at the top of my list when I get my cacao cravings. Not only does Davidson’s chocolates maintain the health benefits of tea, the leaves are also sprinkled throughout a 65 percent cacao Arriba blend.

You mean that there is Chocolate out there that’s actually healthy for my kids? Sign me up!

My favorite flavors include their Earl Grey and Classic Chai. They are both made from black tea that is rich in antioxidants and caffeine which provides me with that extra boost I always need in the afternoon!

My children’s favorite tea chocolate from Davidson’s is their rooibos base Coconut Vanilla which is a huge win for me because rooibos contains so many health benefits. It’s caffeine free, rich in calcium, calms any seasonal allergies, and helps with insomnia… I could go on and on about the benefits of this rooibos base chocolate!

Remember when I mentioned fall is amazing for Crock-Pot recipes? Davidson’s can help you with that too. They have a new line of tea infused jellies that just came out which are made from real organic ingredients and pair amazing with fine cheeses and meats. Throw some beef or pork into that Crock-Pot of yours and marinade it with their Classic Chai Tea Jelly to start off the holiday season. Your house will be smelling full of those black tea aromas; cinnamon, cloves, orange peel… is your mouth starting to salivate too?


If you’re hosting adavidsons-tea-jelly-1 holiday party, you’ll definitely want to have their White Pomegranate Tea Jelly on hand. This jelly is a tart and fruity blend of white tea, rose hips, hibiscus, and dried pomegranate that pairs perfect with any mild cheese and cracker platter.

Davidson’s Tea jellies are available now for purchase and their chocolates will hit the shelves this fall! To learn more about Davidson’s Organic Teas, or to place an order, visit their website www.davidsonstea.com.

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