Upgraded Luxury Found at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel


Who says your 10-year aluminum gift has to be in the form of jewelry? We traded in the old tradition for an upgraded luxury that is the sleek steel of The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas.

The hotel itself is located in the heart of the City Center complex compiling of 392 rooms, six dining options (not forgetting room service), a stylish pool deck, and it’s where Ty and I decided to spend our 10-year anniversary.lv-pool

Let’s start with the pool. Quietly nestled on the 8th floor, this elegantly designed deck is fully lined of cabanas just beckoning for you to rent. Intimately relaxing, it almost became second nature for us to keep the Golden Leaf’s coming (it’s their signature cocktail, which is a MUST if you visit). The combination as a whole makes you feel like you are not in Vegas anymore. Seriously, we almost forgot.

What did we do after lounging by the pool all day? We went back to our room for some world-class room service of course. While we dined on our shrimp pizza and baked macaroni and cheese, we reminisced on the beautiful ten years that we have spent creating a family and successful business together along the way.

When the sun began to set we knew it was our cue to get up and stretch our feet and The Mandarin Bar was the place to be. Located on the 23rd floor with its perfectly sophisticated atmosphere, complete with stunning views of the city, we knew we were in for a real treat. Las Vegas is known for its outlandish behavior and The Mandarin Bar was able to provide us that rare opportunity to just get away from the hyper that is the Strip without actually being away at all.

There’s nothing more satisfying than when you get back to your room at the end of a long day and the hotel bathroom is the one of what dreams were made of. Double vanities, full bath with a separate walk-in shower, Atelier amenities, and bathrobes designed by the soft fabrics of Frette? Heaven is an understatement but we were on cloud nine.

The hotel is also pooolastonishingly family-friendly. Maybe it’s the “younger fan club” options they provide, or the no gaming on premise, or it could be the fact that the hotel doesn’t offer a pedestrian entrance; whatever the case may be, the Mandarin Oriental knows how to provide a safe, exclusive trip to any family who decides to find their way there. We know we did and we couldn’t have had a more extraordinary experience.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to slow down to enjoy your surroundings with the people you love and we certainly count our blessings to be given the opportunity to take the time and create memories with our loved ones.

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