Weekend Getaway In Lake Tahoe


Trying to plan for a vacation can be very daunting at times. Between work and life, we forget the importance of a much-needed break. For this reason, I believe that the best vacations are stay-cations. Living in Northern Nevada, there is a variety of destinations a drive away that make for an amazing weekend! Having such a beautiful backyard makes it easy to be able to take an affordable, family-friendly break. IMG_3264

William Kent Campground is approximately 50 minutes away from Reno right next to Lake Tahoe and makes for the perfect place to go camping! The area is rich with tall pine, cedar and fern trees that make every individual site secluded. With a ten-minute walk to the beach, you are able to wake up and just go sunbathing and swimming at your disposal.

The beach is narrow, with a rocky seating area. We always bring chairs and towels to be able to relax near the shore. What is so wonderful about this beach is that it is a hidden treasure, so it is not overcrowded.

My family and I love this campsite because we are able to bring our bikes and cruise through the many paths near the campsite. Without a steep incline or decline, we are able to relax and just explore the surroundings leiIMG_9685surely. Less than mile away, you are able to find a small cafe and even some restaurants. This allows us to be able to bring food if we would like to cook on the grill provided by the campsite or take a quick trip to grab a cup a coffee or a sweet treat.

It is so simple to meal prep for the weekend! All that you really need to do is bring simple, healthy snacks and ingredients. For example, for breakfast, we indulge in eggs, potatoes, and roasted veggies. With a cooler filled with ice, we make sure our produce and perishables are all kept cool for us to later warm up or cook on a flat skillet on the grill. For the beach, fresh fruit on small skewers makes for quick, pre-cut up snacks. This way you do not have to bring a knife or peeler to the beach, you can just enjoy some delicious fruit of your choosing.

Being able to escape reality for a weekend, especially when technology interrupts the family every five minutes, is a true vacation. Surrounded by nature, good food, and a beautiful lake will forever make Tahoe an amazing destination for the perfect stay-cation.

Ana Casas Home Sweet Home